Here are some of my favorite nature photos!  All pictures were taken with my Kodak DX6490, some with the macro mode so that I could get up close and personal. Click on each thumbnail to see the full size picture. When you are done, click your BACK button or the Backspace button on your keyboard to return to this page. All pictures are set to 800x600; if you are interested in seeing the full size picture (2304x1728) let me know and I might just send it to you. ;) Enjoy!


Took awhile to get all 4 ducky butts in the air.  ;)

I love taking pix looking up trees.  This will become obvious shortly. ;)

I love the 3-D feel of this one.

One of my first attempts at leaving the shutter open using manual settings.

Same waterfall, different angle, manual settings again.

Are those caterpillars not the cutest?  What you think are eyes and a mouth aren't!  Those are markings on top of his head.  His real eyes are just below what appears to be his mouth!

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